About Numens Craftsman, Craftsmanship, and Quality Heritage

Anhui Numens Artwork Co., Ltd was formerly known as Shanhe Frame Industry, which was incorporated in 2008. After years of development, the photo frame products of Shanhe Frame Industry were widely marketed to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, where the market occupancy was remained at the Top Three. Its traditional photo frame products were highly popular among galleries, wedding photography studios and other organizations while its picture mounting by traditional craftsmanship was greatly accepted by many painters and collectors. Through years of development, Shanhe Frame Industry achieved process accumulation and appearance patent with proprietary intellectual property rights in the fields of photo frame, artwork, auxiliary furniture, etc, upon which the annual output value went up year by year and the annual sales in 2012 reached above 8 million. After buying out Shanhe Frame Industry in 2018, Numens purchased a number of workshops and advanced mechanical equipment, devoted greater effort in R&D, introduced multiple product lines, expanded sales channels, and established e-commerce department and export sales channel, upon which the business performance of the year exceeded 20 million. Taking high quality and strong production capacity as its core competitiveness, Numens is devoted to adding color to more customers and families by offering stylish, beautiful, highly cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly products.

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Photo Frames Made of green and environment-friendly imported logs, they
are anti-scratch and anti-corrosion; with environment-friendly
woodworking adhesive adopted, they will not suffer crack,
moisture and deformation.
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Wooden Shelves Involving nearly 100 styles, the wooden shelves of
Numens are featured by original split structure and
strong load-bearing capacity, which thus are ideal
for home and office. In the meantime,they are
qualified for being exported to EU.
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Home Beauty Mirrors Multiple bonding and quality assurance; no fog thanks
to the mirror surface’s thermal treatment; scratch
resistance and corrosion resistance; having diversified
models, they agree with all kinds of home styles.
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Crafts Most crafts of Numens are made of wood. The various wooden furnishing crafts in
different styles and exquisite modeling are of great decorative value.
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Customer Service Quality First, Customer Foremost
Anhui Numens Artwork Co., Ltd Junction of Anhui Numens Artwork Co., Ltd Junction of Xinhe Road and Yangtian Road, Donghe Park, Economic Development Zone, Qingyang County, Chizhou, Anhui Province
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